Friday, March 28, 2014

A Weekly Recap

I haven't posted in a while and not because we haven't been busy but just going about with the day to day routines.  I do have a few pictures from last week of different things we did.  This week has been a little less busy and has really left us wishing for springtime and sunshine to come back!

Last Monday was St. Patrick's Day and Cohen had so much fun at school making leprechaun traps and said they even caught one!?  Her paper said she saw one in the "ercindishiner" (aka air conditioner).  I am really going to hate it when she can spell everything right because I love looking at her papers each day especially now that she is writing more sentences and stories.  It is so cute!  Mrs. Kellum was so sweet to share this picture of the class working hard on their leprechaun traps.  I love these little glimpses into her day!

Tuesday was an exciting day.  Cohen had been looking forward to it because the movie Frozen was released on Blue-Ray/DVD.  She reminded me first thing Tuesday morning.  I had already planned to go buy it. Stacey and I took Kate and Carolina to playtime at Chic-Fil-A then made a stop at Wal-Mart to get the movie and some other things we needed.  The funny part came on the ride home when we decided to let the girls watch the movie in the car on the drive home.  I was driving and we were trying to get it started for the girls.  You had to select the language then get to the menu to hit play which we did.  A while later while the girls are so zoned in on the movie and Stacey and I are chatting away I stopped because I thought I could hear something odd.  Stacey asked if it wasn't playing right and I said, "I"m almost positive they are watching this movie in spanish."  Sure enough they were and had not even said a word about not understanding what they were saying or the songs being different.  They were just totally focused and wrapped up in the movie.  It was so funny.  We got a kick out of it especially when Carolina decided to sing the spanish!  I love them!
Playing with their animals during the story
By Friday we were so excited for the weekend!  I had a pictures Friday evening and while I was taking those Cohen got to spend some time with her friend Brooke at her school's spring fling.  It was held at Central Franklin Elementary which Cohen is familiar with because this is also Brock's school and she has been there several times.  The spring fling was such a good idea by their PTO and it looked like a lot of fun.  When I picked Cohen up later that evening she definitely didn't want to leave.  Both girls had crazy hair that they had done at a fall festival the year before.  They had spent a lot of time in the jump houses and playing games too.  Here was their cute crazy hair picture.

After I picked Cohen up, we all headed to Blake and Kasey's house for Gavin's 2nd birthday party.  We had a fun time celebrating with them!
Saturday was such a beautiful day!  We spent a lot of time outside doing some yard work and just enjoying the sunshine.  Cohen was helping take off weeds for money.  She was a great helper!  Kate was into eating her popsicle more than anything and once it was all gone I couldn't decide if she ate more than what got on her...she was all smiles though!

We went to the Bold Springs chicken dinner that night and Cohen was ready with all her earned money for the cake walk.  This time she didn't win but Suzy did and she was nice enough to share her cake with Cohen.  The girls both had fun walking for cakes though and I love doing it with them.  I always loved it when I was a little girl too and still do!  I look forward to it every year for them and for me!  I tried to take a cute picture of Kate getting ready to walk and she would smile but purposely close her eyes.  Little stinker...she is so funny!

This week has been pretty low key but Little League did get started which meant Brock started his baseball games.  Of course it would be cold when they started.  We stopped by his first game Monday night after baton.  Since it was a later starting game we couldn't stay long since both girls would need to get ready for bed.  Kate and Cohen both love being at the ballfields.  Cohen sees so many of her friends.  She was out of the car before I could get parked with her BFF Josie.  Kate came with Kelly and was more excited to roll down the hills like Keyes and Elliott.  She kept asking for us to roll her down the hill.  She would not stand to be out done by the boys!  Hopefully it will be warming up very soon and we can enjoy the games more!

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