Monday, March 3, 2014

Disney Day 5: Epcot

Thursday we had planned to spend our day at Epcot.  Our breakfast that morning was a princess breakfast at Askershu in the country of Norway.  This was probably my favorite.  I loved the food and it is just so fun watching Cohen around these princesses.  Even though we had met most of these already, she was still just as excited as the first day.  When we entered this breakfast we had a family picture made with Belle.  Throughout breakfast we got to see Cinderella, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White.  Cohen was decked out in her Queen Elsa dress again and continued to get complimented on it.  During breakfast there would be times when all the children were told to go to the princess that was the closest to them and then they were led throughout the entire restaurant on a parade of princesses.  Cohen got to do this twice during our time there and the first time she went with Snow White and the second with Ariel.  We actually had the same Ariel at this breakfast as we had at Cinderella's castle.  This time when Cohen talked to her she told Ariel that she was her favorite princess.  It was real sweet because can be very shy & quiet around them but she quietly told her, "you're my favorite".  Ariel of course loved this and had another big hug for Cohen on that one.  Kate seemed to enjoy this breakfast as well.  She was wrapped up in her strawberries and yogurt most of all but she would stop and smile for the camera whenever a princess would come.  They would stand behind her or maybe kneel beside her and she was ok with this.  It was very fun and one that I would also do again.

Loving her strawberry

Talking to Ariel

On the princess parade with Ariel

One thing Cohen really wanted to do at Epcot was meet the Frozen girls, Elsa and Anna.  We had heard horror stories about the line and sure enough a big one had started when we were getting to our breakfast.  When we came out the estimated wait time was over 4 hours!  I was not waiting that long so I told her we would come back later in the day.  We went ahead and started to ride rides.  There was a viking ride, Maelstrom, in Norway so we waited for it to open and rode it first.  While we waited for the rides to open Kate and I had some fun in one of the shops.   Here is my little viking girl herself!  I also took a couple of the girls outside of Askershu.

We spent the rest of our day walking around in the different countries of world showcase and riding rides.  We met Alice in Wonderland, rode the ride in Mexico, went to the O Canada movie, and got lots of walking in!   The girls both loved the aquarium and doing Turtle Talk with Crush.  This year Cohen got to ride Soarin' and we had met Donna, Nathan, Cindy, and Abby at that ride.  Donna gladly sat off with Kate again so we could all ride with Cohen.  After a late late lunch I decided to bite the bullet and go stand in the Frozen characters line.  I told Kelly to take the girls on a few rides while I waited so they wouldn't be so bored.  I would text when I was close.  I was told I would have a 2.5 hr. wait which was shorter than this morning but still long.   I didn't think it looked that long since it was much much shorter.  I'm glad I did because I waited only an hour and a half.  It was still a long line but it wasn't bad waiting and it moved pretty quick.  Cohen was so excited.  Kate was pretty tired at this point and even though she loves the movie and the Frozen songs she didn't want to stand with either girl for a picture.  Kelly had left to go ride Test Track so it was just me so I didn't try standing up there with her.  The one thing she did want her picture with afterward though was the huge troll statue in the giftshop.  Go figure!  This is typical Kate!  After our meeting with them I rode Test Track while Kelly occupied the girls a little more.  It was getting about time for us to call it a night by this time.

Pictures from throughout the day:

Alice in Wonderland

A Picture with the Enormous troll.  Who wants a princess picture when you can have this thing!?
And to top the whole trip off a good story...icing on the cake really.  Throughout our whole trip I had seen several kids having a little tantrum with their parents.  They would have them off to the side and I would really feel pity for the parent because that is not a fun spot to be in.  Kid throwing a fit and parent wanting to spank them but not wanting the entire park to witness it!  Well our girls had really been great.  They had hung in so well on late nights, behaved and minded us, and been really sweet.  On our way out of Epcot though we had our tantrum moment!  Both girls had gotten a Duffy bear "fan" to color that day.  Kelly had been warning Cohen to quit hitting Kate with hers.  He sees her start jabbing Kate with it on the way out and on impulse he grabs it up and throws it away.  Now all day she had been saying how she wanted to color her bear and we had told her that would have to happen at home.  Well when he threw it away, it all hit the fan!  She went nuts!  I mean screaming and sobbing uncontrollably, trying to run back to find the trashcan.  It was awful!  She would not listen to us and was so tired it was at the point of being delirious I believe.  On top of that, I was tired myself and my patience was beyond gone.  After trying to reason with her I realized I was going to have to walk away from her or I might lose it.  Kate had even grabbed Cohen's face and said "talm down sissy."  I told Kelly I would take Kate and meet him at the buses.  It was that bad.  Funny though...on our way out I would stop thinking Kelly & Cohen might be coming and on one of our stops Kate was all about having her picture made with the big "ball" behind her.  One of the photographers even asked if he could take one of both of us for me.  So here we are taking one last picture while Kelly battles Cohen somewhere else!  I think I look the definition of tired and worn out!

Even though that one spell was not good we still had an overall great family trip.  I couldn't complain one little bit.  We made great memories, ones that we will all cherish for years and years.  I love my girls and my sweet hubby.  We all headed back to the hotel, (after Cohen calmed down, which really happened when she fell asleep), had some pizza for dinner and then crashed!

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