Friday, February 28, 2014

Disney Day 2: Magic Kingdom!

Monday we were up early to get ready for our breakfast at Cinderella's Castle!  We chose to do a lot of character dining on this trip and our first breakfast was with all the princesses at Cinderella's castle.   I was pretty excited about this one too.  Anyone who loves Disney World loves that castle!  Cohen had packed several different princess dresses to wear during our trip and she decided on Snow White for this day.  This was our earliest breakfast so I was glad to have came in at a decent time so the girls would be in a good mood.  We got up, got on the bus to Magic Kingdom, and got to the castle just in time for our breakfast.  As you went in you first had a picture with Cinderella herself.  We did a family picture because you can guess that Kate would not have stood there without us.  Your picture was included with your meal so that was nice.  They brought them to your table not long after sitting down.  We walked up a winding staircase to the dining room and when we walked in Cohen was so excited to see all the princesses around the room.  The great part is that they come to you so there are no lines to wait in!  The breakfast was great!  Cohen and Kate both loved the Mickey Mouse muffins.  Throughout breakfast we had Snow White, Ariel, Aurora, and Jasmine come to our table.  Kate slowly warmed up but she was much more concerned with eating than with talking to a princess.  Cohen could barely eat for watching who was coming over next and finding their autograph page in her book.  The girls were given wands (aka weapon...for Kate), and wishing stars.  It was really neat and I really loved seeing Cohen's face!  She always gets a little shy when they get to her but she was full of hugs and her face just showed awe and wonder as they would talk to her.  She was definitely soaking it all in.

Kate just looks pitiful but all I do is laugh when I see this!  She was not into smiling!

Kate was smiling by the time Jasmine came by

My very own princess!

Showing off her Mickey Mouse muffin
After our breakfast we headed out to start riding rides.  We rode Peter Pan, Pooh Bear, Under the Sea, Its a Small World, and then headed to Enchanted Tales with Belle.  This was a favorite from last year.  The girls loved all the rides and Kate even did well meeting Belle.  All the kids are introduced to her so she walked up with Cohen and did ok with it.  

We also met Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse that morning.  The line was really short and we had to kill a few minutes before heading to one of our fast pass.  Cohen was excited to fill more pages in her autograph book and Kate was still only willing to pose if Kelly or I went with her.  It was fine though!

We decided we would take the girls back to our hotel for the afternoon for some naps!  I was ready for one myself!  We had learned that the shortest lines are definitely in the evenings/nights and Monday night the park would be open until 1:00.  Cohen was dying to get in the swimming pool and we told her if she had a nap she could try it out.  We ate lunch in our room and then all crashed!  I think I crashed before I could eat!  After a good nap Kelly took Cohen down to the pool.  I honestly think this was her favorite part of the whole trip...the pool!  She picked right up where she left off last summer.  Kelly said she was swimming away, cutting flips, and jumping in.  I am so ready for summer and I know she is too.  Kate continued to sleep so I took this picture from our room...that is Cohen going in at the steps.

After their swim it was bath time for both girls.  We got ourselves ready and back to Magic Kingdom we went.  We rode all the other rides we were wanting to.  We also met up with Elizabeth, Donna, and Nathan.  We all rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad...except Kate and Donna...they had their own fun while we rode :)  We all watched the Electrical Parade, which I love, and then went to ride more.   Donna, Elizabeth, and Nathan were so sweet to watch both girls while Kelly & I rode Space Mountain.  I think the girls really enjoyed the People Mover while we did that!  Kate was starting to get tired at this point but we headed to ride Peter Pan again (Cohen's pick) and It's a Small World.  Kate also really wanted a ride on the carousel so we did that too.  We made our final stop to see Snow White (again) and Rapunzel.  Since Rapunzel wasn't at our princess breakfast Cohen wanted to see her.  Of course at midnight there is no line so we walked right in.  They were so sweet and both princesses just loved on tired little Kate.   She was so tired that she let them.  Snow White took her under her cape.  Cohen had decided to dress in her Jasmine costume this time around!  We have to thank Tina for all the costumes she sent us :)  
Magic Carpets

another smile to laugh at!

Love for Rapunzel

More love for Snow White

A Magical Day Indeed!!

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