Friday, March 14, 2014

Cohen's First Baton Competition!

Last weekend was Cohen's very first baton competition!  She has been working so hard since September with Mrs. Amy.  I have been so ready to go to the first competition and see what it was like.  I grew up doing dance competitions but I was clueless how baton ones went.  Saturday was the big day and she was so excited!  I was so glad she was too because I had no clue if she would be nervous, scared, excited or what.  With Cohen you never can tell!  She was very excited and she was definitely ready to get to wear her costume.  We had to wait for all the teams to finish up when we got there so we spent that time doing hair and makeup.  When it was time to start the first thing she would do was her modeling, then next was marching, and finally her solo.  Amy has girls of all ages competing so they have someone to play with all day and Cohen loved that!  She and Mya are the same age and compete with each other so these girls were happy to stick together most of the day.  Cohen was competing in several things and it can be complicated to explain so I'll save that!  To sum it up though, our little girl did SO GOOD!  We were so proud of her!  She didn't seem nervous at all and she said she had so much fun.  Our biggest surprise came after she did her open marching.  They post the results of the open events not long after they compete in them and Amy told me to get Cohen that she had to see this.  We couldn't believe it, but she had come in FIRST place!  She was so excited to get her plaque with a first place plate to go on it.   Mya had been 3rd so both of Mrs. Amy's girls were top 3!


Kelly had taken these pictures from the bleachers.

Her next open event was her solo and once again she did great!  She had dropped a few times so I knew that could be bad for her final score but we were so excited to find out she had got second place!!  Mya had got first place so once again both girls represented ATRM so good!  We were so proud of her no matter what she placed especially for her very first time.  We saw later that she was second in her modeling and Mya had been first there as well.   So proud of these girls and I know they have some success coming in their future!  All the girls were so precious to watch and they all do so good.  I have to give it to them for being so brave to go out and twirl, march, and model for those judges!  And how fun to make so many friends while you do it!
This little girl was so good for such a long day!  Here she is smiling for me at the end of the day!  I love her and she is such a good cheerleader for her sissy! 
Playing the iPad in between events

1 & 2 in their open solo!

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