Saturday, March 29, 2014

80's Retro Run Fun

This morning Dawn, Stacey, Caron and I woke up way too early to go run (in rainy weather) through a bumpy horse pasture for the 80's Retro Run in Watkinsville.  I know that sounds super appealing to everyone but believe it or not we found a way to have a fun time!  We didn't realize this was going to be an off road course but we made it and did just fine.  It wasn't the easiest or most fun 5k we've ever did but we felt good for doing it.  We met up with Kasey, Carrie, and Melanie at the race.  Kasey and Carrie were doing their very first race and it was Carrie's birthday!  What better way to celebrate?! We saw some very entertaining 80s costumes there as well.  When us girls get together you can always count on some good laughs and fun times no matter what.  After the race we decided to make a shopping stop at the Peach State Pride store since we were so close and had an early lunch.  It was a fun time and the weather actually held off the whole morning for us and wasn't the rainy disaster we thought it was going to be.  March Race accomplished and I'm still hanging in...prego and all!  I hit the 12 week mark this week!

all finished

Later that afternoon Cohen had a birthday party in Athens at Chuckie Cheese for her friend Myla.  Kate had to tag along too since Kelly was hunting which suited her just fine!  I think half of Athens was there but some how kids never seem to notice that like adults do  :)  They had a blast playing all the games and riding little rides.  Kate sat right with all the big girls for pizza and cake and both of them loved watching Myla open her gifts and get inside the ticket machine!  After a few more games it was time to was a fun time for both of them though!

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