Thursday, March 13, 2014

3's a Charm! (or so we hope)

As the saying goes...Three's a Charm.  Well we are about to find that out here in our house.  To make it "official", Kelly and I are expecting baby #3 this October.  I am 10 wks along right now so this journey is just getting started.  Right now I am trying to tell myself to enjoy this pregnancy because I'm pretty sure this will be my last.  I'm not the best pregnant person, even though I am very thankful to be able to have my girls and this baby too.  It just takes 9 months of "coaching" myself through :)   We told our family last weekend so they are all so excited too.  Being able to finally share the news helps with our own excitement as well.  The hardest thing was spending time in Orlando with all my girlfriends and having to keep it a secret!  I was busting at the seams.  Kate doesn't quite get what is going on just yet.  She will look at the ultrasound picture and say baby or start looking under my shirt saying "I want to see baby." Cohen was upset when we first told her and said she didn't want another baby.  She broke my heart, in fact I did cry with her reaction.  By the time we could drive to my mom's house though she was running in to tell the news and has since been telling everyone including the entire children's church during prayer requests.  Love her!  I hope she gets more excited as time goes by.  She is quick to tell you she wants a boy though, so we'll see if she is happy or disappointed. I am still going through all the scary, nervous emotions of having another baby.  "Can I love another one as much as I love my 2 girls?", and "Are we crazy to officially outnumber ourselves??"  We have went from man to man to zone coverage!  And most of all...have we lost our minds having a baby right in the middle of GA football season!!  haha!  I will be hitting those first games big and pregnant for sure!  We are very excited and thankful though and just are praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy and baby!
One more thing...Baby 3 is going to be a SURPRISE!  We will get to anticipate if its a he or she until October!

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  1. Yea!!! Such exciting news. I'm so happy for you all. Three is so much fun!