Monday, April 7, 2014

12 1/2 weeks!

This past Wednesday I had my 12 1/2 week check up at the doctor.  It was an ultrasound appointment so those are always exciting.  This time the baby actually looked like a baby!  Its funny to see how much can change in just a few weeks.  Kate is my faithful companion at the doctor's appointments and she is learning that she will see a baby on the little T.V.  Kelly was also there this time so he could hold her up to see.  She really just likes to get the pictures at the end but she is so good throughout the entire appointment.  It was neat to watch because when we started the ultrasound the baby was head down and then right there on the screen it flipped right over for us to be face up.  We all got a kick out of all the movement!  It was moving so much, kicking its feet and moving its arms.  We had an active one on our hands so we got a good show.  Everything looked great though which is good news.  There was a very strong heartbeat....just like my girls!  Might be looking at more pink...who knows?!

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