Friday, November 29, 2013

Our Early Thanksgiving Getaway

Last Sunday we headed on an early Thanksgiving getaway with Kelly's family.  Larry & Lydia had rented 2 cabins at Oconee State Park for a couple of days so we could all have a little Thanksgiving vacation together.  Kelly & I left with our girls Sunday morning and had a fun lunch together then went to see some beautiful waterfalls.  It is always amazing to see how much beautiful scenery we have so close to home.  The first waterfall we came to was Dry Falls (I think...they start to run together :)) The neat part about this one was that you could walk behind it.  Since it was so cold outside we got to see a lot of icicles.  The girls enjoyed getting back into the rocks, or "bear caves" as they called it.

In the "cave" with Daddy

Out next waterfall required a little more hiking which is hard to do with a 2 year old.  To get to the very bottom would have been a mile down and a mile back up which I would love to do with just me and Kelly but for this little hike we would only do half of it.  The last little bit is hard for adults so with small kids we weren't going to try it.  Luckily there are 2 stops on the way down with great views so we enjoyed those.  

We even saw a little rainbow at this one

My little hiker!

We spent just a little time in Highlands then headed on to the park to our cabin.  Pop, Sug, Nana, and Davis were there when we got there.  Sara, Savannah, and Addison got there right after us.  We had so much fun the entire time we were there.  The cabins were so cute and so cozy.  On Sunday night we had hotdogs cooked on the fire and chili.  It was nice to sit around and enjoy each other.  Even though we get to see each other at home, there is always something extra special about being together and spending the night together.

Kelly & Nana by the fire

The next morning we all got up and had breakfast together, then got ready to go find Sug a Christmas tree.  Lydia loves for all of us to go find just the right Christmas tree.  She always makes cookies and hot chocolate and we enjoy them both after the "perfect" tree has been cut.  Cohen has been the last couple of years with them but this was a first for me and Kelly in a long time.  

After we left the tree farm we braved the cold and had a picnic lunch.  We also walked to another waterfall, White Water Falls, which was so pretty.  I love waterfalls and there are so many to see around that area.  We also stopped at a pretty scenic overlook.  I can only imagine what it would have looked like a few weeks ago with all the fall colors.

SO Pretty!

Both little girls were asleep at this point so we started our drive back to the park.   We were planning to take a few family pictures for a possible Christmas card picture, and to have some pictures from the trip of the whole family.
Sug & Pop with all their girls

"bears" in the woods!
Group shot with Nana!

Adam made it for our last one...just in time.

After all our pictures we had the BEST dinner!  Lydia had went all out and brought things for us to have Thanksgiving together.  It was so delicious!  She really was so thoughtful down to the last detail.  She and the girls had made a Thanksgiving banner the night before with things they found in nature.  Nana and I attempted to make bread cornucopias.  They may not have looked very pretty, in fact we called them our carcasses, but we laughed and had so much fun making them.  We also made a turkey with feathers that each of us wrote what we were thankful on.  I could write a book on what I'm thankful for because we are truly blessed, but I know one thing for sure...I am VERY thankful for my family and for the opportunity we had to spend a few days together making wonderful memories!

Our attempt at cornucopias 

These 2 were cracking us up...but Kate is pretty good at that all the time!

Kate's "ho" bath!  Someone is quickly outgrowing the sink!

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