Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Snaggle Tooth!

Tonight was a big night for Cohen!  She pulled her top front tooth!  This tooth has been loose for a while now and here lately it has moved so much that it left a gap in her teeth while it was still there!  It had started to be really noticeable so I was pretty ready for it to come out.  I've always dreaded her loosing her teeth because they were so pretty but tonight she pulled her third tooth.  She's lost her 2 bottom teeth and this was the first top.  I think the one next to it is getting loose so she may really want her two front teeth for Christmas this year :)
Tonight we took Cohen and Kate to the movies to see Frozen.  The movie was great and both girls loved it.  I was surprised that Kate sat through it so good but after seeing the play Aladdin last weekend and doing so good I decided that I thought she was up for it.  She was great!  About halfway into the movie Cohen came over to me and was saying her tooth was twisted.  I told her we would look at it when the movie ended.  In the lobby afterwards we were talking with Cohen's friend, Kaylyn, and her parents Brandon and Nikki.  Cohen came up to me again and I noticed her tooth did look really loose and different so we went to the bathroom to see if I could pull it.  I am not a tooth puller, but here we went.   Sure enough the tooth was turned all the way around, which I have no idea how it did that.  I turned it around and begin to wiggle and pull and it came right out for me.  Cohen did great with no tears and there was no blood.  I'm so glad because there was a little girl in the bathroom watching the whole scene go down and she had just turned 5.  Her grandmother told me she was so glad that she had seen me pull Cohen's tooth with no pain or crying because now that little girl wouldn't be afraid to loose her own teeth.  It was a fun night for all of us and I'm sure the tooth fairy will be by tonight :)
Frozen time!

my cute little snuggle tooth!

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