Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Last Saturday, Dawn and I ran the CASA Superhero 5k.  We really had a lot of fun with this one!  She was Batgirl and I was Supergirl.  Keyes and Elliott both ran the fun run and they were both Batman.  They were really cute running their race!  A whole lot cuter than I feel running for sure!  There was a really good turnout for the run and lots of super heroes!  I was so proud of us because Dawn was 3rd in her group and I was first in mine.  I was more proud of being the 3rd female overall.  Kelly, the girls, Larry, Lydia, and Davis all came and cheered us on.  Its a lot of fun seeing some sweet faces waiting for you at the finish line.   I'm so thankful to have a great friend to run with!
Superheroes ready to run!!

My sweet cheerleaders!

Hard core winners!

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