Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving this year!  As always we ate and ate and ate some more, but it was all so delicious.  I'm wishing we had Thanksgiving more often!  We started our day at Suzy's house for lunch.  We ate and talked with everyone and of course took lots of pictures.  We always take a lot of pictures at Thanksgiving since everyone is all together.  Mid afternoon we packed up and went over to my Aunt Ann's and Uncle Tommy's.  This was the first year some of us had all got together for Thanksgiving and we really enjoyed it.  I love being with my family!  We don't get together near as much as I would like because everyone stays busy but when we are together I enjoy it so much.  We always say we are going to try to get together more and stay in touch more because we do all live so close together so maybe next year we will get even better at it!  And if we can have more of that delicious fried turkey, well then that works out good too :)
We had to pack up around 6:30 and head to our last stop which was Nana's house in Athens.  We always spend the night with Nana.  We had more yummy food at Nana's!  Around 10:30 Suzy and Jessica came to Nana's to pick me up to go out for some shopping.  We have a shopping tradition and with everything opening early this year we didn't have to go to bed, we just went later at night.  My cousin Kasey met us at Target and we managed to accomplish a good bit of shopping.  Kasey and I lasted a little longer than Suzy and Jessica :)  She dropped me off at Nana's when we were finished and I crawled in bed!  It was a great day!
I only took pictures at Suzy's house, but I'm sure these are enough!

Mama with all her grandbabies

Love my boys!

Our whole family!

Auntie P with her princesses

love my sissy

Oh how I love this man!

The youngest babies in the family right now

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  1. I'm just getting caught up on your blog! Sounds like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! Didn't you love Frozen? We saw it on Friday and the kids just thought it was great and so did I! I can't believe her tooth came out in the bathroom just like that! So fun to get a visit from the tooth fairy though. :-)