Tuesday, November 12, 2013

UGA Homecoming-Cohen's first game this year

A lot of our Saturdays in the fall are spent in Athens or wherever Georgia is playing.  Georgia football is a big deal in our house and it got started good for Cohen last year when we took her to her first game.  This year she has been asking when she would get to go, or more like why couldn't she go with us.  This past weekend was finally her turn!  It was also homecoming at UGA so it was a fun game for her to go to.  We have been to all the home games with Blake and Kasey this year and this was no different :)  We all went together again and we had Cohen and they had Taylor.  We knew the kids would enjoy each other.  We had to get an early start because we wanted to get them to the Dawg Walk where all the players walk in.  We were cutting it close but we got lucky when we found our friend Adam and he let them both stand at the fence with him.  They got a lot of high fives from the players walking in, and while they may not know any of them right now, I know they liked this and Cohen has been quick to tell how she reached out for fives from the football team.  A big big thank you to Adam!
After the players walked in we headed to the front of the Dawg walk so we could watch the band.  Cohen was really anxious to see the majorettes.  Her baton teacher, Mrs. Amy, was twirling this game  with the alumni and Cohen was beside herself to try to see Mrs. Amy.  I had to explain that we would see her inside the stadium.  She really liked hearing the band though, especially the drums which are her daddy's favorite!  We made a quick stop to see Uga in his dog carrier then made our way toward the stadium.  We had to get lunch and any snacks before we got comfy in our seats.  Cohen was still really wanting to see Mrs. Amy but when we walked down to the hedges we couldn't get as far down as she was since they were still checking student IDs.  Even though she was upset for a minute I told her we could still watch her when she twirled.   It was funny during halftime when they crowned the homecoming king and queen and she was wanting to know why Mrs. Amy didn't win.  I think she loves her teacher!!
Both kids did really well during the game and we stayed for the whole game.  Cohen was excited when she saw that Josie and Wyatt were sitting right above us so in the 4th quarter she played with them.  By that time it was clearing out around our seats so they have free reign in between our seats. It was a fun day cheering on the Dawgs and spending time with our family and friends!
waiting on the team

Uga was looking a little down 

Cheering for the Dawgs!

4th quarter cheer

Sweet cousins

After the game we ate with Sug and Pop.  When we got there I went down in the basement to check on Kate and she was playing so quietly with about 300 matchbox cars.  It was so funny to just listen to her playing.

Cohen has begun to read books to us here recently which amazes me!  She is just taking off with her sight words and sounding out new words in books.  Here is a picture I snapped of her reading to Sug.

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