Tuesday, November 5, 2013

School Dress Up Days!

Cohen has had a couple of fun dress up days at school lately and while I don't have a picture from each one, I do have a couple thanks to her sweet teacher, Courtney!  I love these little glimpses into her day at school.  And Courtney happens to be the mama to this cute guy! The kids had Red Ribbon Awareness week and had something to wear each day like hat day, crazy sock day, and the last day was spirit day where you could wear your favorite team's colors.  Well of course Cohen was in her Georgia outfit.  Courtney got such a cute picture of Cohen and Brody.  Cutest little bulldogs!!   If you've read this blog in the past, you will know that Cohen developed her crush on Brody last year in preschool.

Last Tuesday was the 50th day of school so the kindergarten sold coke floats for this.  I loved helping out with this.  It was for the entire school so I got to see several sweet kiddos that I love!  The kindergarteners got to dress up in 50s attire.  A huge thank you to Stacey for letting us borrow their poodle skirt.  I thought Cohen was precious.  It amazes me the difference between a kindergartener and a 5th grader.  It reminds me how precious these days are and how we have to slow down and soak them all up...even when that is so hard to do with things being so busy.  I know I'll treasure them forever!!
Now for a picture of these 2 50s cuties!!  Too much cuteness to handle!

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