Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So Much Halloween Fun!

This post is going to summarize our whole week and all the Halloween fun we had so I apologize for the length and overload!  This is what happens when you don't keep up with the blog each night, and lately I have been so busy I can barely keep up with anything!  Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays so I love to decorate for it and celebrate as many times as possible.  By the time the actual day rolled around, I could braid Cohen's hair with my eyes closed, and I was finding Indian beads all over the place.   I loved every minute of it though.  Halloween is just fun to me.  Monday we started our weekly celebrations with Cohen's Halloween party at baton.  I didn't get a picture but Mrs. Amy took some of the whole class and I was able to use those.  I know all the girls loved being dressed up and having a party at the end of class.

Tuesday Kate and I went to story time at the library and this week was their Halloween candy hunt.  She got to make a monster mask and then go out to look for candy.  It was funny to watch her because she really knows her candy.  I think her bag had one set of stickers and about 10 Kit Kats in it!  She eventually figured out that there were suckers too so we stocked up on Kit Kats and Dum Dums.  She was so cute too!
Monster Kate!

Showing me her suckers she found

Group picture!

Tuesday night we had some of our family over for a little Halloween fun.  Of course we decided to dress up even if it was using old costumes.  Next year I'm determined to plan ahead and have some new cute costumes.  Honestly though I got a kick out of Kelly as Jack Sparrow so it was all good!  Since Cohen's costume was white and there were still some other things to wear it to, she changed into a Jasmine outfit pretty quick.  My girls really have a box full of costumes because they love dress up clothes.  The best costume had to be Sara coming dressed up as Adam.  We all got a big kick out of that and to top it off, Adam came later after Sara and was dressed exactly in what Sara had on.  She knows him very well and was able to twin with him!  He didn't know she was doing that so that made it even funnier.  We all really enjoyed ourselves for sure!
Cowboys & Indians

The pirate & 

Our pumpkin burgers

Adam & Sara or should we say Adam & Adam 

Kate loved Daddy's pirate wig.  She kept saying ARGGGG!
We kept the fun going on Wednesday by celebrating at church.  We had a family worship time, played games, ate hotdogs, had a hayride and ended with a Duck Dynasty look-a-like contest.  Cohen and Kate both enjoyed themselves.  They loved the games and getting candy.  Cohen did a bobbing for donuts game only the donut hung by a string and she couldn't use her hands.  She & Josie had a blast doing that.  It was all a lot of fun.  Pop & Sug were apart of the Duck Dynasty look-alike contest as Phil and Miss Kay.  They both were very cute!
Prettiest Indian girls around


Cohen & Savannah

Getting those donuts!

Miss Kay & Phil (aka Sug & Pop)

And Finally...Happy Halloween!  Our last day to dress up!  At school everyone had to be dressed as a book character and Cohen was Sacajawea.  In her Fancy Nancy Book Report book, Fancy Nancy does a book report on Sacajawea so this is who came to mind when she picked out her Indian costume.  We checked out a book from the library on Sacajawea so she actually had a book on just Sacajawea.  Cohen really loved the book and was all into learning about her.  The fact that she was a real person was super cool to her and she loved hearing that no one really knows what happened to Sacajawea or how old she lived to be.  And of course she liked knowing that Sacajawea was on the U.S. gold dollar.  By Halloween you can imagine that I was tired of trying to keep the costume somewhat white so I told her she had free reign today.  Pressure was off on trying to keep it stain free which would probably be impossible wearing it to school :)  I got to go to Cohen's class for her Halloween party.  This was the first party at school that we had been to so I really enjoyed getting to see all the kids in her classroom and see her interact with them.  They are all so cute right now and just say the cutest things.  One little boy in her room whispered in my ear that "he liked my daughter."   So proper and cute which I thought was funny.  She really continues to love school which I'm so glad!  I didn't get a single picture...slack me.
We had a little time at home before we went to do a little trick-or-treating.  It was really crazy because I was packing my clothes for our weekend in Florida and packing the girls for their weekend here with Suzy.  On Halloween night I had Cohen staying with Sug so they could take her to school on Friday morning and Kate went to Bebe's house.  We went to Sara & Adam's house to trick-or-treat on their street at their new house which is only a mile from our house!  The kids went to 3-4 houses and then we came back because we needed to get going.  Cohen wasn't too happy about us leaving but I think she calmed down later in the night.  She is at the age now where she likes to go with us anytime we're gone.  I think she got to trick-or-treat more in Sug & Pop's neighborhood and was good for Suzy the rest of the weekend.  Kate didn't mind a bit when we dropped her off.  We met Bebe at Pizza Shack so she was content to eat pizza.  After we got them both dropped off, and picked up Michael, it was off to Florida for us!  Time to cheer on the Dawgs!!  What a wonderful Halloween it was!!
Trick-or-treating together!

FINALLY!!  A picture of all 4 girls and everyone is looking AND smiling!! WOOT WOOT!

Trick-or-treating with my sweet mermaid

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