Monday, March 11, 2013

UGA Basketball AND Gym Dawg Fun

I have been a slacker on the blog lately and we really haven't been up to much.  I feel like we stay busy but with our normal routine.  I know one thing, we are on a countdown to permanent springtime weather!
Cohen did get to have a lot of fun last week.  On Thursday night she had a special date night with Daddy.  Kelly got tickets for them to go to the Georgia vs. Kentucky basketball game.  Cohen had been to a women's basketball game a couple of years ago.  I was taking some photography classes at UGA so while I was in class one night, Kelly took her and Brock to the game.  She LOVED it especially all the dance music that they play and she was on the T.V. camera!  So getting the chance to go back to a men's game was exciting for her.  She really gets into all the music they play.  Kelly told me she would ask "Who's winning?" every  time someone would make a basket.  She did get to see something that doesn't happen all the time...Georgia beat Kentucky and by 10 points!  She was very excited about this and she called me as soon as they were in the car to tell me that Georgia had won by 10 points and she had got a pretty pom-pom.  I loved hearing her so excited.  I asked Kelly to take a picture for me while they were at the game and he sent this one to me.

Saturday night a group of us went to Athens to watch the Gym Dawgs!  Cohen had seen them for the first time last year and she still has talked about that.  I had told her we would be having a special girl's night out and she thought that was something special!  We headed to Athens on Saturday afternoon and we all went to eat then headed over to the Colliseum.  Cohen again loved dancing to all the fun songs they play.  I wonder how much of the gymnastics she takes in because she's too busy dancing to all the songs.  Its nice that there is always something going on to keep the kids entertained.  She & her best friend, Josie had a blast dancing to all the songs.  It was such a fun time for both of us.  I enjoyed the girl's night out as much as she did!
I have really been slack on taking my camera with me so I'm relying on my phone to take any pictures. They may be a bit blurry but its better than nothing.

The whole big group of kiddos!

a blurry one but one of us together

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