Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Egg Hunting!

The weather this week has been just down right COLD!  I think we are having the coldest weather we've had all winter and the wind just makes it worse.  Monday was so cold that we had a fire going most of the afternoon.  Since this week will be full of Easter activities I decided to get out our plastic eggs.  Kate enjoys just sitting and opening all of them one by one.  While she was napping I decided to hide eggs for Cohen.  She was loving it!  We would go room by room through the house having an egg hunt.  I've created a monster by the way because now she wakes me up holding the basket full of eggs and begs me to hide them all day long!   It was a fun way to enjoy the afternoon.  When Kate woke up she joined in too, in her high heels of course.  That night when we were back from dance we did another egg hunt and this time she also wanted to hide them from me, with Daddy's help.  I think by Sunday Cohen may be a pro at this for sure!

Going to hunt in her heels
Yesterday I took Kate to the library for our regular story time day, and this week was the Easter egg hunt.  Luckily it wasn't quite as cold as Monday had been.  After their  story, the kids made little bunnies while Mrs. Emma Lee hid the eggs.  Kate's bunny is now without a nose but it was cute while it lasted.  She really got excited hunting the eggs.  She quickly found 2 in the grass and would shake them in each hand.  When I got her to go toward another egg she would squeal and pick it up and put it in her basket.  Then she would run to the next one.  It was extremely cute to watch.  We did our best to get a quick group picture before everyone got too cold.  I really am hoping for some warmer weather very soon!  I'm beginning to think we may trade our Easter dresses in for Easter sweats!
making her bunny

Dragging the basket along with her

Kate & "Lina"

Group shot!

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  1. I love Kate hunting in her heels in that cute Bunny outfit she was wearing!