Monday, March 11, 2013

Zoo Day!

Today we had a fun day off from school and spent it at the Greenville Zoo.  Luckily the rain held out and we ended up having a beautiful day.  We loaded up at Stacey's house, picked up Caron and headed to Greenville.  We let the kids have an early lunch at McDonald's then headed on to the zoo.  The kids loved seeing all the animals and would run from each one so excited.  Its so fun to watch them have such a fun time and be so excited about each animal.  Kate really loved the monkeys and Cohen didn't really say what her favorite was but she always enjoys the giraffes and we got to see the baby giraffe, Kiko this time.  We had the most excitement with the lions.  The first time we went through to see them they were resting on the rock like they usually are.  We walked on to something else and happened to look up and see the lions pacing in front of the glass. I walked back up there just to let the girls see them up close and a lady was with her family and was laying on the ground taking a picture.  She told me that the zoo keeper had told her that if she laid down it would get the lion's attention because they would think she was something to eat.  Kind of scary...yes!   We ended up rounding the kids back up to go see if they could stir those lions up too.  We knew they would get a kick out of it.  Well we definitely had the lions all stirred up!  They would pace back and forth and one got real frisky...jumping up on the glass, licking the glass, showing his teeth and gnawing at the glass.  We have lots of photos, and of course I didn't have my good camera again so it was all up to the phone!  Kate decided to lay on the ledge in front of the glass which must have really got the lion going because he was all over the glass in front of her.  You can see in one picture he looks like he's biting her head!   Rest assured she was totally safe and actually oblivious to the big lion!  It is a little freaky but we had ourselves a great laugh!   We finished seeing everything at the zoo, spent a little time on the nice big playground, and then headed home to get ready for dance & baton class.  It was a fun day with friends!

Group shot!

Another of the sweet group

Love the giraffes!

The first time seeing the lions...see how they are on the rocks being nice?!  Now here is where the fun with the lions starts!!
laying down getting the lion all stirred up!

the stare down...

As you can see, Kate is more interested in her Cheerios than this lion's big teeth!

FREAKY!  He thinks Kate is a snack size meal!

Still clueless even when he beats on the glass with his paws

I think he wanted in our picture!  Down Kitty!
Kate was trying to stir up the leopard but didn't work:)

fun on the swings!

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