Friday, March 29, 2013

Preschool Easter Party

Today Cohen had her Easter party at preschool.  Its days like today when I can actually get her up in the morning without much whining or without it taking forever!  Baby girl loves her sleep just like her mama!  She was so excited about her egg hunt.  We have been hunting all week here at home so I was glad for her to actually have a real egg hunt, and have it outside!  Kate and I went early to school to help Mrs. Amy with all the Easter fun.  Everyone decorated their baskets, played some fun Easter games, and Mrs. Amy used the resurrection eggs to tell the Easter story.  Kate thought she was just as big as everyone else and sat right there listening to the story and even did the "Bunny Hop" with them. They all think she is great too so it works out pretty good.  After their Easter snack everyone went out to the playground for the egg hunt.  It was a fun day at school and at least it wasn't near as cold as it had been earlier in the week.
Doing the bunny hop

Kate listening to Mrs. Amy tell the resurrection story...she liked the little donkey

Kaylyn & Cohen were amazed at the story and how many times Jesus was whipped
Guess who got in on snack time too! 

ready, set, go!

Kate wanted to hunt too.  She had one egg that she would carry around but it kept dropping out of her bucket:)
So many eggs!!

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