Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Donuts with Dad and Kindergarten Registration

We had a very busy, exciting weekend, especially Cohen!  Friday was Donuts with Dad at school and Cohen was excited about that.  She did keep saying she was ready for Muffins with Mom but she was excited about Daddy's turn too.  She kept telling me she had made Daddy a tie picture but I have yet to see anything so she must still have that at school.  I did get a quick picture of them as they were leaving.

Friday was also kindergarten registration!  After eating donuts Kelly brought Cohen back home so I could take her.  I'm still in denial that this is so close but it became more real for sure!  Cohen was pretty funny as we were going through the stations.  She didn't quite understand that we were at the county's central office not at the actual school she will be going to.  She would point at things and ask me how that "thing" was going to teach her.  At one station I had several papers to fill out and she was given a color sheet and she looked at me and said, "I don't know why we are doing this and not learning."  She is very into learning right now and I had to laugh at her when she said this.  My little nerd :)  Each child is given a little test and they go in a room alone with one of the kindergarten teachers.  She was getting a little unsure while we waited for her name to be called but she jumped right up when it was her turn.  When she walked into the room and I was left to wait for her the tears were starting to come.  I kept trying to think of other things!  I never want her to see me but I am just tore up that my baby is already starting school!  Everything went great though and the teacher told me she was brilliant.  Cohen was ready to do it all again when she came out.  I know she is more than ready and that is what I'll tell myself.  
After registration we were on our way to Charlotte for the weekend.  We had a big surprise in store for her!

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