Thursday, March 21, 2013

Color Me Lucky Run!

While 99.9% of my posts are usually about my kids, every now and then I have to throw in one that isn't to remind myself I do have somewhat of an identity too :)  JK, but only a little!  Last Saturday was another fun 5K for Dawn and I, and this time her daughter Grace ran it with us!  It was in Anderson, SC and was a St. Patrick's Day themed race.  Throughout the course people would throw green powder on you to turn your white shirt green and at the end everyone was grouped up at the finish line and threw gold powder into the air.  It was a fun time.  I think I was colored on one side mostly.  They had also provided everyone with a pair of sunglasses to wear.  We rocked those I think!  We did have a laugh on how it was warmer in January at the Hot Chocolate run.  This crazy weather can leave anytime and give us spring!  We had a fun time though and it didn't take us long to warm up!  Now we on to looking for our next "fun" 5K :)  Kelly was asking me about some we may want to do coming up and I told him we wanted to look for a lot of fun, interactive ones and he asked me if we were becoming 5k snobs.  Leave it to Hubs, I think he's jealous :)  I'm still pushing him to do some with us, so we'll see how that goes.  We are looking forward to the Kade's parade in April!
Before...I think we're shivering in this picture!

After!  All nice and green

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