Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kate-18 months

I can't get over how fast my little Kate is growing!  It is definitely true what people say, the second child grows up faster!  I love every minute of watching her though!  Kate is Miss Personality!  She is always into something and you will get a good workout trying to chase her around.  I could wear myself out just cleaning up after she makes a mess, but its well worth it.  I don't post every month anymore but I did want to post this time because she is doing so much and I don't want to forget it!   What has really been a lot of fun to watch is how Kate and Cohen interact now.   Kate wants to do everything she sees Cohen doing.  I hope they will be close sisters.  I can see them playing more together as Kate learns to do more and that is really fun to see.
Kate's vocabulary has grown a lot too!  She can say so many words now and will try to say new things every day (if she gets in the mood, that is).  Her favorite word is still "Mama" and we've had a few rough nights lately since she has had an ear infection, but she has started waking up in the night and will call for me over and over and over.  If I had counted how many times she called out "Mama" last night I would probably have counted at least 150 times!  Its really funny to hear but at 4:00 a.m. I'm also praying that she will just go back to sleep.  Here are some of her favorite words though:
Mama, Daddy, Sissy, Dooley (Doo-ee), baby, Denny (Nenny), Suzy (cee-cee), Bebe, Brock (Baaak), P (Auntie P), Pop (Bop), Apple, Bubbles, Dora (Do-a), Ho Ho, and leaves.  She tries to say more but this is a good list.  She will now tell you the sound animals make and she can do dog, cat, cow,pig, horse, and sheep.   Sheep is my favorite because she just says, "aaahhh".

Some other things to remember about this stage:

  • She LOVES books.  She will bring us books to read all throughout the day
  • Loves to be outside!  I am loving these last few days because we have been able to play outside a little more.  She loves to go to the playground, jump on the trampoline, and swing.
  • Loves to play with Dooley's toys.  She will pull each one out of the basket and then sits and puts them back in.  I give up trying to make her play with her own toys.  It keeps her occupied :)
  • Loves to watch T.V.  I don't let her watch a lot but to get some things done I am more than glad to turn it on :)  She loves Bubble Guppies, Dora, and Sesame Street.
  • Wears 12-18 mos clothes and a size 5 shoe
  • Weighs about 23 pounds.  Our official check-up is next week.
  • Loves a singing stuffed animal!  We have a few Christmas stuffed things that sing and she loves them.  
  • When I take her picture I will say "cheese" to her and she repeats it back and even smiles!  Learning quick to humor Mama!
  • Kate LOVES to eat and for anyone who reads this that is around her you know how true this one is!  She is always ready for a snack and that is a great way for me to get away from her if I need to drop her off.
I could write all day about my sweet girl.  She still has wild, crazy hair and to see her wake up with her hair going everywhere and a big smile on her face it makes my day!!  

Love these girls!

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