Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012!

On Christmas morning Kate woke us up around 7:00.  It didn't take long for Cohen to wake up.  Kelly likes to get a fire started and the video camera ready so they had to wait for a few minutes.  I put Kate down to go in and take a picture of their faces which she did not like, so as you can tell she was crying the whole way in.  She had no interest in all the new toys in the living room, she only wanted me to hold her.  After a few minutes she was better and would actually look at the new stuff.  She loved her new car, but really loved the kitty that would run while she chased it.  She would squeal and just run after the kitty and something in the toy senses it and will keep rolling.  She got a little frustrated but it was so funny to watch her.  Cohen liked her new bike but did not like the fact that she couldn't ride it on the carpet.  Since it was raining we had to wait to go out and ride.  She loved her new Wii games and Leapster games and wanted to make sure she and Kate could share the new baby pack & play.  We had a fun morning at home and then got ready to head to Bebe's house for a yummy brunch!

new wheels!
Cohen loved her stocking the most.  Showing me her new Barbie toothbrushes.

Mama had made the best breakfast!  We had a great time eating together and opening gifts.  We are all going to Disney World in February so that was part of everyone's Christmas.  Cohen was excited to get her very first American girl doll and Kate got a Bitty Baby.  Kate actually opened hers first and Cohen looked at me and said, "Woah, Mama, that's an American Girl baby.  I'm going to have to take care of that for her."  She was excited when she got her own but I think she is still taking care of Kate's when Kate isn't holding the baby.  I guess she's heard me talk about how you have to take such good care of those dolls.   I wanted a picture of the girls with my mama and didn't get one so I'll do that on New Years!


Cheers with Sissy!
We finished our day at Sug & Pop's in the afternoon and then over to Suzy's that night.  I really enjoyed our entire day and the girls hung in there too.  Kate had a few short cat naps but did really well.  She crashed once we got home though and wasn't able to be up when we did Christmas with just us.  Cohen was so excited to open her gift from Kate which was a fun princess play-do set.  Now I'm still in clean up mode.  It comes and goes so fast!
Eric & his girls (plus Cohen)

Got to have the funny picture

Another funny...for Suzy and Cohen at least

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