Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Pink Pig & Santa Claus!

Yesterday we took the girls out to Atlanta to ride the Pink Pig at Macy's and to see Santa Claus!  The Santa part we didn't mention ahead of time because I knew Cohen wouldn't be too excited about seeing him.  She had already asked that I just mail her letter to him instead of seeing him :)  We did the Pink Pig first because she had been so excited about that.  Cohen had asked several times if we could please go back to ride it like we did last year.  She thoroughly enjoyed all 3 of her rides :)  Two when we first got there and one right before we left.  Kate was very excited when she saw the signs with Priscilla the pigs picture on them but seeing Priscilla herself when we walked in was not as exciting to her.  Her grip tightened up on me!  Cohen ran right up and hopped in her lap for a picture but Kate wanted to be held and be kept at a little distance.   I rode with Kate on the ride and I could tell she wasn't too sure of it.  It goes around twice and the first time she did ok, but by that second go round she was trying to climb in my lap.  That would be fine only you cannot hold children in your lap so I had to try to halfway hold her and then put her in the seat as we came into sight :).  Cohen wanted to ride in the back and the front so on our first ride we were in the back and the second time Bebe rode with her in the front.  She did want to ride in a seat to herself though.  Kelly rode with both girls on the last ride as we left the mall and again Kate did fine the first lap but was over it on the second one.  

As for our Santa visit, it went much better than I thought it might.  At first when we got to Santa and Cohen realized what was going on, she ran in the other direction.  It took a few minutes of Kelly & I talking to her and me bribing her with getting a cookie after she had finished.  We walked in and Kelly sat her on his lap and she did great!  She just talked to him and was so excited that he told her she had been good this year!  She wouldn't tell us what she told him she wanted though.  I don't know if she wanted to keep it a secret or what.  Each day her list grows though!  Kate did great too.   Santa was less scary than Priscilla I guess.  She sat on his other knee and found him fascinating.  She would barely look at the camera because she was too busy looking at him.  We will see him one more time next week so I hope it goes as smoothly.  It was a great way to start some fun Christmas festivities!  

I had to laugh at Kate climbing hard on me!

Riding with Bebe
Last ride with daddy...this is end of lap 1 so Kate is starting to climb again :)

Showing off all the stickers

In deep conversation with Santa...Kate just checking him out some more

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! LOVE their sweet outfits. We're going in a few weeks and can't wait!