Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cohen's Christmas Program

 Yesterday was Cohen's preschool Christmas program.  The 4 year old class dresses up as the Christmas story and Cohen was Mary.  The kids were absolutely precious and did such a good job with all of their Christmas songs.  I just think this is such a precious group of kids.  Having taught most of them last year it makes it so much more special getting to watch them at these performances.   About a week ago Cohen came home and told me that she was going to be Mary at school and ever since then I have been so excited to watch her. She cracked me up  though because right after she told me she was Mary she started smiling...I knew what was coming next so I asked her who Joseph was going to be and she just smiled bigger and said, "Brody".  I knew this was probably why she was looking forward to being Mary.  I found out last night that she was caught giving Brody a kiss at school too.  I don't know what we're going to do with this girl.  
I personally think she was the cutest Mary I've ever seen though!  I didn't let myself cry but I sure could have.  They were so cute.  Cohen was very interested in what must have been the baby doll laying in the manger.  She played with the blanket several times and was looking down at the baby.  I had to ask Sara afterwards if there was a real baby in the manger because I couldn't tell, but I just knew she was interested in something!  I was such a proud Mama!  
I have to say I held my babies extra tight last night.   My heart was broken to hear about the school shooting.  I have cried several times watching the T.V. and I pray that God can provide those families with some peace and comfort.  

My sweet little Mary
Mary & Joseph

Keely & Madison as wise men.  These 2 sang out so loud and good.  It was precious!

Looking at Baby Jesus :)
Group shot

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