Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sleepover Fun, Cookie Party, & Christmas at Nana's

Thursday night Cohen had her best friend Josie over for a sleepover.  She had been counting down the days for her to come.  We had made plans as soon as school was out for her to come.  Josie is in kindergarten this year and Cohen sure misses her at school.  These two had such a fun time together!  I have to admit I laugh just listening to their conversations.  They had a fashion show and dance show with dress-up clothes, played Barbies and babies, and were even nice enough to play with Kate.  I think Kate really felt big around these older girls.  After Kate went to bed I let the girls have some hot chocolate and this is where the conversation got interesting.  Cohen and Josie kept finding similarities in themselves and then suddenly became convinced that they were really sisters.  Here are the things they told me they had just alike:
  • same color eyes, skin, and hair
  • they both had a little "spot" near their eye
  • there noses were the same shape
  • they wore the same shoe size
  • their teeth were close together
  • they each had a sister with blue eyes so they thought they (Georgia & Kate) could be sisters
  • they both have something they love to sleep with
I was trying so hard not to laugh at them.  They were so serious.  I even snapped a picture of their "serious" faces but Cohen was holding back a smile.  All night and the next day they kept finding more ways they were alike and thought they were sisters.  All I can say is the world better watch out for these  two!

Hot chocolate time

Serious faces thinking hard about being sisters
 Friday I took both girls to their friend Brooke's house for a cookie decorating party.  They had tons of fun adding sprinkles to their cookies.  They also made gingerbread houses.  I have never been good at those so I'm glad Cohen got to make one there :)  I told Jennifer, Brooke's mom, that she was a trooper to have these kids making all kinds of cookies and gingerbread houses!  They really enjoyed it though.  Cohen was very proud of her house but of course when we actually moved it the walls fell in.  It was a fun time though.  Kate loved being able to sit at the table and eat!  While the older kids were using their crackers to build a house, she was eating away at her crackers.  The party was during her usual nap time so I was just thankful she stayed in a good mood and didn't have a melt down.

never enough sprinkles

eating all her graham crackers

We finished our Friday night with our family Christmas dinner at Nana's house.  We had wonderful food and had fun being with family!  The girls got to open their first Christmas gifts.  Another thing I have been meaning to blog about is Cohen's new found love of nutcrackers.  We were at Nana's house about a week ago and Cohen fell in love with one of Nana's nutcrackers on the mantle.  It was so funny  that Nana gave it to her.  She just hugged on this nutcracker and has played with it!  My sister then gave her 2 more that she had gotten from work.  Cohen has loved little Clara!  Well last night Nana gave her a new big nutcracker that was a football player.  Cohen has loved football so much this year since her GA game trips so this was a great gift for her.  She has named her nutcracker Aaron :)  It is so funny that she loves them so but I think we have a new Christmas item to collect each year.  I have really noticed some beautiful ones so maybe we can get more after Christmas on sale :)

Her new nutcracker!

Helping Nana open her new blower :)

When we were packing up to leave we couldn't find Cohen anywhere.  At first it wasn't a big deal but when she wasn't in Uncle Davis' room we started to wonder.  Pop quickly looked under Nana's bed and decided to play along with her since she was under there hiding!  She loves to hide and scare someone!  He did start giving us hints so I got my camera ready.  Kelly lifted the bed skirt and I snapped hoping it would did!  This is exactly how she looked, waiting to be found!  Nutcracker and all!

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