Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cohen's First Christmas Parade

I'm behind on my blogging but we have had so much sickness that it has messed up so many of our plans, including me staying updated on this blog!

Last Sunday, Cohen was in her very first Christmas parade.  Her dance group rode and marched in the Lavonia parade.  The 3-4 year olds rode in the back of the truck and threw out candy while the older girls marched.  Cohen was all up for the job of throwing out candy!  I had told her to be sure she didn't throw it all out at the beginning, and that we had to make it last.  I was riding with her so I would hand her handfuls.  She took her job a little too serious and I had to keep reminding her to throw it.  She was so busy looking for people she knew and could throw the candy out to them.  She also was very good to throw it out to small children...some too small to eat the candy :)  Her favorite part was when we got to her daddy.  He had told her to throw him candy and see if he could catch it and she was focused on doing that.   It was a fun time for her and she enjoyed her first ride.

Getting ready to throw

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