Saturday, December 8, 2012

Snack with Santa

Tuesday night was the preschool's big fundraiser, Snack with Santa.  The kids get to come and eat, make crafts, and see Santa Claus!  They also have their lists for Santa hanging up and ornaments they have made in class.  Cohen got off to a rough start when we got there and did not want to see Santa at all...just like always.  Kelly had to take her out and talk to her then come back in.  We ate first while waiting to be called for our turn with Santa.  She did good when it was our turn though.  She went right up to Santa and even though I can tell she is nervous sitting next to him, she really does good.  She was even more excited to hear she was on the nice list!  

Kate on the other hand was a little different.  She has no fear of Santa himself, but has been extremely clingy to me lately.  I really wasn't thinking about this since she had been fine at the mall, but when I sat her down beside Santa she went crazy!  She was so mad that I had put her down.  I tried walking out of the room but you could hear her screaming.  I tried putting her down and making a quick run, but we ended up making it a family picture with Santa and of course she was fine.  At that point I was holding her again and she wanted to tap Santa on the head, play with his hat, and give him high 5's.  My friend Caron does the Santa pictures and she was able to show me ours which were hysterical.  I ended up getting 2 pictures, one was of the family which everyone was smiling in, and the other was during Kate's fit where she is looking at the camera screaming and both Cohen and Santa are looking at her with these funny looks on their faces.  Cohen is trying to smile but is looking at Kate like she's crazy and Santa just looks like he could run from her!  Definitely one for the scrapbooks.  I love that we have pictures each year at Snack with Santa.  They make for great comparisons!  Cohen's picture with Santa on her 2nd Christmas is just her back running from him!  It is the same Santa and he about has the same look on his face as he did this year looking at Kate.  Priceless!  I never liked Santa when I was little so I feel bad getting a kick out of my own children's reaction!  A huge thanks to Caron with Rich Beginnings Photography for this picture!!

The rest of the night went smoothly.  Cohen made 2 more ornaments for the tree and Kate made one.  She was all about dipping her finger in the paint.  LeAnne and Baylor were there with us and we had fun watching the girls play with "Santa's tools".   It was a fun night and good fundraiser for the preschool.
Cohen & Baylor
Don't you wonder what they are thinking?

Kate loved looking at all the ornaments on the trees

and playing on the stage!

Cohen & her bestie, Josie
Cohen & her friend Reagan got a kick out of being dressed alike

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