Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fun Times in Charlotte

I'm so behind on this blog!  I also recently slammed my finger in my car door so typing is very challenging.  The weekend after Christmas we headed to Charlotte for some post-holiday fun with our friends.  I'm always so excited to get back up there.  I miss everyone so much!  We got to Michael & Amy's house on Friday night and had a fun night catching up with them and the kids got to play together and watch a movie.
Trying to smile and watch TV at the same time
These 2 were so sweet together!

Saturday we did some shopping and then got ready for a party with more of our friends and I reunited with my WAIF girls!!  I was so excited to see my friends!!  Jessica recently got engaged so I had lots to talk about with her and had to see her beautiful new ring and car!  GSG out did himself!  Can't wait for the big day!!  Tara and Tina arrived shortly after and we had the best time.  There is always a lot of laughs to be had!  I loved catching up and can't wait for our next trip together!  We decided that last year we didn't get a lot of pics together so we must do better this year and so we took quite a few!  Never too many pictures though!!
So happy for her!

Ring fun!

Fun with GSG too!

Cohen & Kaden hiding out!

They love him!

Group shot attempt!

There's always dancing involved!

Love this lady

Guys had fun too...showing off where the ring will go I guess??

Kelly had way too much fun with the gun.  The dog would chase the light and that provided him entertainment!

Sunday we did more shopping then headed back home.  We had so much fun, its always sad leaving.  Can't wait for the next trip!!

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