Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cohen's Gymnastics and More Fun with Kate!

Today Cohen started back to gymnastics.  We took a break during the summer session and now are getting back to it for the fall session.   She was excited to be going back.  This year her cousin Savannah is going to take at the same gym and they will be in the same class.  I think they had a fun class and will be ready to head back next week.    It was nice for Sara and I today too because we got to watch without the baby girls!  Sugie kept Kate and Addison so they could play together.  I know it was hard at the end of the May session trying to occupy Kate and it would only be worse now!  I know she would see all that gymnastics equipment as fun climbing toys!
Waving bye bye from the window!

Singing at the end of gymnastics
And of course there is always a good Kate story to tell.  Wednesday my mom and I went to Anderson.  We had made a stop at the mall and were finishing up in Belk's.  We had been in the children's dept. and I know that Kate likes to grab onto the clothes sometimes.  She is bad to pull things off the hanger. We finished our looking and headed out to the car to head home.  When I went to get Kate out of her stroller I looked and saw a pretty little pink sweater that sure did not belong to us.  I knew right away she had pulled it into her stroller.  My baby girl was officially a shoplifter!  To make it more funny, it was exactly her size.  My mom took the sweater back into Belk's, but it was still a funny Kate moment. I can't believe that no alarm ever went off in the store or the mall itself--going out or taking it back in.  I sure hope this isn't a sign of what's to come :)  JK!  My sweet girl is just a sweet mess!
Kate with her goods
I also wanted to show these recent pictures of Kate playing dress up.  She found some of Cohen's Minnie Mouse ears and she loved them!  She wanted the on and if they fell off she would hold them up to her head wanting them back on.  I found the dress that went with the ears and put it on her.  She was proud of herself!  She walked around and then we went to show Daddy and she just knew she was something.  And just like her sister she made the cutest Minnie Mouse!

Proud of herself!

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