Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Adventures of Kate!

I know I've said several times on this blog how Kate is into everything.  She is a mess but a precious, cute mess that I love to pieces.  I can't help but laugh at her.  With that said though, you really can't turn your back on her for very long at all.  Usually when I have to work on the computer she plays in the playroom, which is where my desk is.  She may make a big mess of the room but that works for me.     Today I was trying to do some updating on the blog and she was playing as usual.  She will walk in and out of the room and I will go see what she's doing...
Today I saw her walk out and maybe a minute later I heard a loud noise.  No crying, so that was good, but I go investigate.  As I walk into the living room I glance over at the mantle and there sat Kate INSIDE the fireplace, doors closed and all.   At this point there was already a mess to clean so I grabbed my camera to take a picture.  This child has a fascination with the fireplace!  She had pulled back the doors, crawled totally in, sat on the holders that hold the wood, and closed the doors back.  Kelly had really cleaned the fireplace a long time ago when she first got interested so the mess could have been a lot worse.  We headed straight to the tub and took a bath.  I even had to clean the black out of the tub!  We are going to have to watch extra hard this winter.  Sometimes I just close the door while I'm doing something on the computer so that will become a must.  Its so funny because we really do watch our kids but in a split second this one can find something to get into!  I'm sure this is the first of many Kate adventures to come...
Getting situated I'm guessing

Busted by Mama...I had to open the doors to get my picture though

Silly girl...she's proud of herself!
A little shot of the ashes to clean up...

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  1. Oh my word!!! How cute! Hudson did the same thing this past weekend at the lake and thankfully there has never been a fire built there so he was all clean...just a little dusty. I'm just waiting on him to try it at home and get the ashes all over.