Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kate-14 Months

Now that we are back from our  FABULOUS vacation, I have to do some major catching up on my blog.  Since my vacation post will be extremely long and I still have to sort pictures I'm going to skip it and come back to it soon!
While we were gone my sweet Kate turned 14 months.  Time is just getting away from me.  I really hate seeing the summer start to wind down too.  Kate is just a blast right now though.  She is learning new things every day and it is so fun to watch her.  She is the cutest thing and I know I'm so bias because she's mine but I love it so much!  She is learning to say new words and make new expressions.  She definitely likes to push her limits and see what she can get away with.  Every morning she wakes up so happy and she has to give love to me and Cohen (and Kelly on the mornings he's here when she wakes up).  At 14 months, here are a few new updates about Kate:

  • She LOVES baby dolls!  Her new word of the month is Ba-Bee. She will carry a baby around and love all over it.  In the pictures below she was holding her baby at breakfast and when I tried to lay the doll on the counter while she ate she reached way over to get the baby to keep it in her high chair.
  • She still loves a ball and that is another clear word she says.  Anything round is a ball though.  My mama has tomato plants at her house and the tomatoes are balls she really wants to have but can't :)
  • She will still let me rock her at night which I love.  She takes 1-2 naps during the day (normally) but those are in her swing.  At night when she is real tired I will rock her and she lays on me saying "Baby", "Baby".  I'm always telling her she's Mama's baby :)
  • She loves to climb and still likes to get into EVERYTHING.  Each day I have to lock up another cabinet that isn't already child proof or keep an extra close eye on her.  She was back in the fireplace today!
  • Loves to eat!  And likes most everything she tries.  She is starting to spit some things back out and has learned to shake her head "no".  But sometimes she will shake it and still eat the food so its also a new game for her
  • She is adventurous!  Even at this early age, I see Kate doing more risky things than Cohen ever did.  She isn't afraid of much at all!
  • My poor baby girl is a prize for mosquitoes so we have to watch her.  She loves to be outside and cries to go outside but the mosquitoes love her too.
  • Loves other children.  She loves to grab and hug on any child, older or younger, but especially younger.
  • Her vocabulary is mainly ma-ma, da-da, thi-thi (sissy), ba-bee, ball, and she can sign "all done".   
She is full speed ahead and I'm sure there will be fun stories in store for Miss Kate based on her cute personality.  I only wish I had started this blog years ago for Cohen because she was always a funny one to watch too.  Even though they are different, I couldn't be more blessed to have such sweet precious girls!  

Can you believe that she isn't wearing a bow in any of these pictures?!  I'm a bow fanatic with the girls but Kate is one you have to watch because she will pull it out and lose it quick!
Climbing to stand on her doll stroller.  Later she climbed on the handle!
Breakfast with baby

Getting the baby after I laid it down on the counter 

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