Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cohen's first ballet/jazz and baton classes

Yesterday Cohen started her ballet/jazz class and her baton class.  This is her first year in both and she was so excited!  She had really wanted to take ballet and I really wanted her to take baton.  She was nervous about baton because she kept telling me she "just didn't know how to throw it up, twirl around, then catch it."  I kept telling her that her teacher, Mrs. Amy, would teach her how to do those things and not to worry.  I'm glad I kept pushing her because she LOVED it.   The classes are back to back which is good for us only having to go one day, not so good when I'm keeping up with Kate in the waiting area.  Kate was very interested in a baby that was in the waiting area along with running to the glass door and back.  She may have to go elsewhere during dance time or else she and I will go stroll while dance is going on.   During baton, which is the 2nd class, Kate and I had to run to the grocery store.  Kate was getting pretty tired and by this time so was I!
I tried to peek through the curtain a few times at Cohen.  The girls are all so cute.  When I came back to the baton class I could see Mrs. Amy teaching them a baton trick.  After this, the girls lined up and each got to show what their favorite trick was that they learned that night.  She reviewed the choices with them and most liked the "under the chin" trick.  I'm pretty sure that the trick Cohen did was not a choice at all.   She did twirl the baton in a circle using both hands but this was a trick she had learned from Sugie.  Cohen had asked her to show her what tricks she knew when she used to take baton and this is what Cohen did for her favorite trick.  When she came out she could not stop talking about how much fun she had.  She came home and was showing me and Kelly all her tricks and showed Suzy when she stopped by later that night.  I'm hoping she stays this excited!
One more funny thing she said...I had told her that she would get to wear pretty costumes and when we were getting ready yesterday she asked me "where her pretty costume was to wear to dance?"  I had to explain that costumes would come later and that for practice you would wear leotards and dance clothes.  I know she is going to love getting to wear an actual costume when the time comes!
Ready for dance!

Here is Kate watching the little baby she kept going close to

All excited after baton!

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  1. I can SO relate to you having to keep up with Kate during Cohen's activities. Doing that same thing on a daily basis with Hudson.