Monday, September 3, 2012

Cohen's First Georgia Game

Saturday was a BIG day for us!  We were so excited that it was Georgia Football time again and this year it was time for Cohen to go to her first game!  We had talked about when would be a good time to take Cohen and we thought that she was old enough to be able to stay for a game or at least most of it and be ok.   Since we are huge Georgia fans we wanted to start training her up right :)  We have been listening to the Redcoat band cd in the car and she loves the songs.  Every time the fight song or any of the songs come on, Cohen just laughs and laughs and waves her arms around dancing.
Friday night we had a nice get together with family at Nana's house in Athens and we spent the night since we would be going to the game Saturday morning.  Cohen wasn't too excited because she really wanted to stay at Nana's but we knew she would love it once we got going and we were right.  As soon as she started seeing the flags waving and tailgaters she perked right up.  I am really amazed at how well she did the entire day.  She didn't complain about walking to the stadium and it was extremely HOT on Saturday.  She only talked about sweating a few times.  She was better than me!  I felt like I was melting and just sitting in a pool of sweat.
We got to the game early so we could take her to the Dawg Walk.  She loved listening to the band play and got really excited seeing the cheerleaders.  She liked the pretty dance and majorette costumes too.  She later told us that her favorite part was getting a high five from Hairy Dawg at the Dawg Walk.  After watching the team come through we headed over to see "Russ" aka Uga IX.  She asked me if Uga and Hairy Dawg were best friends :)  We met our friends Vance and Liz and sat together at the game.  Cohen was set on getting some cotton candy.  We had bought drinks and hot dogs but she still wanted cotton candy.  She and I walked around to find some but had no luck, then Kelly took her to try to find the man selling it and had no luck so he talked her into some fruity popcorn.  Well while they were gone guess who I saw...the cotton candy man.  I tried calling Kelly but no answer.  When they came back to our seats I told Kelly to look to the left.  You can guess that after seeing the cotton candy man Cohen wanted no part of the popcorn and wanted Kelly to track the man down...guess who won...
that is Kelly in the striped shirt after running down the cotton candy man
Once she had the cotton candy the rest of the game was smooth sailing.  She took it all in!  She would clap when we scored and dance to the fun songs that were played.  During halftime she really took in the band's performance.  We stayed until halfway through the 4th quarter and I think the whole experience is one she will remember.  She did tell us she was ready to go back again.  Maybe we can take her back to a cooler game :)  All in all though it was so fun taking my sweet girl to her first game.  She officially bleeds red & black now!  And it was sweet as always to watch the Dawgs win "between the hedges!"  GOOOOO DAWGS!!!

Here come the Bulldogs!


She was out as soon as we got in the car
I can't forget about my other little bulldawg.  Kate stayed back with Sugie and Nana.  I know she was cheering hard there though :)  When we got back to Nana's she was wound up and having a ball.   She has really been having a tough time cutting her molars.  Poor baby has a runny nose and just hasn't felt good since Saturday.  You can't tell too much in these pictures but she is covered in drool and has a runny nose.

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  1. How fun!!! Robby and I were just talking about how we'd love to take the girls to a game this year. I'm glad she had such a great time. I had to laugh at the cotton candy story. We've had a similar experience ourselves. Oh, the things we will do for these kids. ;-)