Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to Keyes and Elliott!

Saturday we celebrated 2 birthdays with our neighbors!  Keyes turned 5 and Elliott turned 3.  They celebrated by having an obstacle course at their party and the kids all loved it!  There was caution tape to crawl under, a pool to slide into, hay bales to crawl over, tires to run through and a big slip-n-slide to slide down.  This was where the line was for most of the kids :)  There was plenty of things to keep them entertained.  Cohen jumped right in on everything until she came to the big slip-n-slide.  She decided she didn't want to get squirted with the water so she skipped it.  I think I finally saw her crawling around on the tarp once or twice but never a big run and slide.   Miss Cautious for sure.  Kate even got in on the obstacle course.  I don't know why I thought she would be happy to play where I was...I forget who my child is.  She immediately crawled under the tape and was all about splashing in the water.  She was interested in the slip-n-slide and I had some good babysitters always willing to go down it with her.  Everything was so cute and we had such a fun time!  Happy Birthday to both boys!
Cohen & Josie crawling under the tape

Keyes & Cohen going through the tires

Baby girl giving it a try

I mentioned having such good helpers with Kate.  You will see in these next few pictures.  Josie is very good to stay right with Kate and give her a lift any time she needs it :)  Its so funny to watch because Kate is slowly getting as big as these girls.
Helping her through the tires

Check out the belly on Kate!

Out of the pool she goes...
Cohen decided to be a helper and ride in the car Kate was playing in.  After a few minutes of this I had to go rescue Kate :)

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