Friday, June 29, 2012

Vacation Bible School & Kate's 1 year Check-up

This week we have been having vacation Bible school at church.  It was Monday-Thursday in the morning from 9-11:30.  Our Bible school starts at age 4 so this was Cohen's first year to be a participant.  In the past I have helped and she has just been in the nursery, which is where Kate went this year.  Cohen had so much fun!  She loved every part of it, singing songs, Bible stories, games, snack (of course), and the imagination station which was where they got to do little "experiments".  Our Bible school was Sky so they got to make things fly, explode, soar, etc...It was all very neat.  I was Cohen's crew leader so I got to see her in action all week.  I took my phone to snap just a few pictures and I did take my camera one day but I really was too busy to take many pictures.  Game time was when I could get some fun pics.  The kids played with a parachute one day, and they played the "scream" game several times which is where someone runs from one end of the grass to the other to see how far they can scream using just one breath.  Pretty funny!   The one thing I noticed about Cohen that was pretty funny and cute was how much she enjoyed being around boys!  She was sure to get close to her friend Wyatt on several days, and she loved being around the bigger boys!  She talked about Evan, Keaton and Eli several times :)  She knows a lot of these boys since they are Brock's age and Keaton is Josie's brother, but I think we will definitely be watching her :)

Cohen & Annabel

Playing with Wyatt at snack

Parachute games

Screaming loud!
For one game, the kids were divided into teams with one person being blindfolded and another person had to tell the blindfolded one where to go to find their bag.  Carson had to direct Cohen where to go.  Once she got the bag she could take her blindfold off then they had to put the puzzle in the bag together.  Puzzles just happen to be Cohen's specialty!

Cohen liked playing with Eli

Back beside her favorite, Wyatt!

This was the "exploding experiment"
Here are 2 links to videos, one is a game they played which they had to put Vasoline on their noses to try to pick up as many cotton balls as they could.  The second video is of Cohen singing and doing the motions to one of the theme songs, "I'll Fly Away".  It is a little dark because the lights were out so that their glow bracelets would show up a little bit better.
Click HERE for a video of the Cotton Ball Game
Click HERE for the video of Cohen singing I'll Fly Away

One last thing, Kate had her official 1 year check-up and here are her stats at 12 months:
Height-30 inches
Weight-21 pounds
HC-18 1/2 inches

She has 4 teeth and 1 more is starting to break through.  She loves to walk now and will spread her legs so wide when she does.  She starts going so fast and then will get a little off balance.  It is so cute to watch her.  She just laughs!  I love to walk in a room and her see me and just start walking so fast to get to me.  She loves to wave and will wave bye-bye and has started to blow a kiss.  She just yells and babbles when she sees someone she knows.  If she wants you to hold her she will just lean to you and gets a good grab on whatever she can find!  She is too precious!

Waving "hey there" to the camera

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