Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Myrtle Beach

I am very behind on blogging so I'm hoping to get several posts up.  We'll see how that goes.  Last week the girls and I went with Larry & Lydia to Myrtle Beach for a few days.  We were taking a short vacation to get away.  Kelly had to stay back for work.  We left on Monday morning and we came home on Thursday.  It was a short trip but a nice getaway.  It was Larry, Lydia, Davis, Cohen, Kate and myself in our car, and later on Monday Sara, Aunt Vicki, Savannah, and Addison arrived.  The only negative part of the trip was that it rained pretty much the entire trip :(  When the rain stopped we had to deal with cooler than normal temperatures too.  The girls were able to have a little pool time and beach time and to be honest they probably weren't at all bothered by the weather.  The afternoons were clear and nice and we enjoyed one night at Barefoot Landing.  The kids were excited to see the tigers and Cohen and Savannah had a blast getting to climb this tall "spiderweb" to the big tall slide at the top.  They really amazed us all doing it all by themselves and helping each other!  Savannah would give Cohen a boost if she needed it and then Cohen would pull her up.  It was precious.  They can make a good team when they need to.
Suzy & Denny were also down at Myrtle Beach at the same time, so the girls and I went to their condo one afternoon to spend some time with them.  Cohen enjoyed their lazy river and indoor pool since it was still chilly in the outside pool.  Who would have thought June could be so cool!?  It was a fun time regardless and we enjoyed the family time!

Ready to swim!

Cohen smiling for me halfway to the top!

Playing with Pop

After a while Kate would shiver so bad!  

Since we left on her actual birthday, we had to have a party and cake!  Cake Pop that is!

Cohen & Savannah being mermaids!

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