Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Picture Pride at the new Hospital

The new Ty Cobb Regional hospital has officially opened and its only a mile from our house.  I think this new hospital has been the buzz around Lavonia for over a year now.  The hospital asked for photo submissions a few months ago, and were looking for pictures to hang around the hospital and in the rooms.  I was very excited to have 3 pictures chosen to hang in the hospital, 2 in the mother/baby area and one in a patient room.  I got the letter a few months back saying 1 or more pictures had been chosen but I did not know which ones had been picked so it was fun going to see which ones were chosen and where they would be.  We got to go to view everything about a week ago and the official open house was on Saturday.  I was even more excited when I found out one of mine chosen was Kate's newborn picture.  I took her back to the open house to get a picture of her beside her framed picture.  She has really grown in a year!

She loves it!
Maybe she recognizes it from her bedroom :)

One of my pictures was my best friend, Rebekah's, son Nolan.  Nolan was born in September and he was so sweet at his newborn session, as you can see from his sweet smile in his picture.  I hate that the flash is reflecting in this picture but you can still see how sweet he looks.  The one with my phone isn't quite as bad.  This was a big one so I was very excited when I saw it.  It will hang in the mother/baby consult room.

This last picture was the only scenic photograph I submitted.  That was really what they had asked for with the pictures but I don't take very many of these at all, in fact this was at an engagement session I did.  I was still excited to see it in the patient room though!

Cohen also got some picture love recently!  She was in the photo section of the June issue of the Georgia EMC magazine.  We aren't EMC customers, but Sug, Pop, and Bebe are!  Lydia had showed me this magazine one day and I noticed they were having a fishing theme for June and I had the perfect picture to send in.  Not long after emailing it in I got a response saying they were wanting to use her picture.  I still remember this moment last summer!  Cohen was so cute wanting to hold a fish but the fish decided to jump as soon as it touched her hand.

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  1. I love the pictures in the hospital, Ashleigh!!! You are so talented! Love Susan Barlow