Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Random Summer Fun & Cohen the Ladybug Girl!

We are really in full summer gear now and its hard to believe that today is officially the first day of summer.  I LOVE summer and all the fun that comes along with it.  It is so much fun to be able to enjoy the warm weather and play outside.  I have some cute pictures that I've taken that I want to have when I make my blog book so I'm doing a post that's full of random summer pictures so far.  Cohen loves having summer play dates.  Last week her friend Rylie came over to play.  The girls had a tea party outside, played in the pool, dressed up, colored and just enjoyed seeing each other.  This week Cohen got to see another friend from school, Madison, at the library puppet show.  Cohen is doing the summer reading program.  This week we saw a puppet show that she really enjoyed.  She has a certain number of books to read and I think the goal is 100.  Cohen has completed 32 and the next goal is 50.  I  think she will have that goal after this week.  If I would, she would sit and let me read all day long.  I do enjoy reading to her though and it is fun for both of us to go pick out new books.  Our days stay pretty full and we also love having those days with no where to go but to be able to play in the "pool" here at the house.  I also have a list of things I want to do here at home like organize different things so that is on the list of things to get done.  We are really enjoying our summer so far and I hope we have more fun days ahead.  I feel so blessed to be able to spend this time with my girls!
Kate has learned how to get on to the picnic table bench 

Loves the water!
Brock cooling off!


Cohen even shares her popsicle becau

Kate is walking so much now!!  Here she is practicing!

She is so cute walking!  She is still a little wobbly but I love it!

More play time fun with Kendall and Juliette

Kate enjoys the water table

Before long Kate decides to join the big girls!

Tea Party with Rylie

Sweet sisters!

I have a cute story about Cohen.  Cohen is so silly and so funny.  She really keeps us entertained!  Our sweet neighbor, Grace, brought over a birthday present for Kate.  Part of the gift was the cutest pair of ladybug wings.  Naturally Cohen thinks she should go ahead and play with it first so she decides she is going to be Ladybug girl.  If you're not familiar, there are children's books about Ladybug Girl and Cohen loves them!  She has a few here, so she went to look at the book to get her "costume" just right.  She had Grace help her and Grace did Cohen's hair, which was done very well!  I know who to go to when Cohen needs her hair fixed and even better, she didn't cry for Grace.  We were having dinner with some friends later that evening and Cohen insisted on wearing her costume so everyone could see how "fancy" she was.  We said she could but Kelly did make her wear sandal instead of the boots :)  This was the finished costume...

Cohen & Grace (we love her)

Cohen's Hair compliments of Grace

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