Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Garden

This spring/summer we decided to have our very first garden.  It has been a lot of fun to watch everything grow and now we are starting to get vegetables from the garden.  I have cooked my first garden green beans and we have had some squash as well.  My mama has really been my go to person on gardening.  She has to tell me when things are "officially" ready to be picked and helps me with recipes and putting things up to freeze.  I remember having a garden when I was a little girl, and mainly I remember helping with butter beans and green beans.  I always thought that was fun to do!  Cohen has taken interest in our garden.  She helped plant the seeds and she has helped pick our green beans and squash.  After the first few times of picking she gets bored and tired with it, but she loves to talk about what all is growing with anyone.  She also likes to show it off.  I wanted to have some pictures of our "first" garden so here are a few.  I know as more things come in I will have more pictures and stories.  I am searching Pinterest and cookbooks for recipes.  I laughed and told Kelly that I think this would have made my Daddy proud, because I'm really the last person I would think of for working in a garden.  I don't eat many garden vegetables but it has really been fun for all of us to see what we can produce!

Our garden

Green beans to freeze

Red Peppers only they haven't turned red
Baby watermelons


Okra blooming

Corn...and anyone who knows me knows I do NOT like corn
Green beans

Lima beans...a first for all of us

Cantaloupes or we hope it will be :)

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