Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kate's (rescheduled) Birthday Cookout

We like to celebrate birthdays in this house several times!  haha!  Last Friday we had Kate's birthday cookout with our family.  This was supposed to be last Friday, but Kate was so sick with her sinus infection that we canceled.  She was so much better this week and was really into her party.  She was napping when we got everything started, but she woke up ready to eat!  I think she had learned what was going on since we had celebrated a few times before this.  When we brought the little cake out for her she was making all kinds of noises ready to get into it.  She had learned to babble when "Happy Birthday" was sang to her and when I sat the cake down in front of her she went face first for it.  If the high chair tray had not been in her way we would have seen a lot more face eating I believe.  She practically ate the whole cake by herself and we had to take her outside to hose her down before even getting her in the bath tub.  Cake was everywhere, including up her nose!  It was so fun to watch her though.  After her bath she sat down to open her gifts.  Her first gift was a swing from Papa and Grannie, and she sat in that swing while opening the rest of them.  It was cute to watch.  We had a fun time with our family and we appreciate everyone coming to celebrate her special birthday.  I think the celebrations have now officially ended but I will continue to sing "Happy birthday" to her when I need a picture.  That seems to get her attention (for now!).  Happy Birthday precious baby!

Can't figure out that candle

Going in head first

Loving her swing

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