Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Week of Christmas Fun

Christmas is almost here and we have been non-stop this week!  I wish we had a few extra days to just be home and enjoy everything.  Tonight was the one night this week when we didn't have a thing planned and it has been so nice.  I have spent some afternoons wrapping and baking with Cohen since school has been out.  We started our week on Sunday with a family Christmas dinner with my mom's side of the family.  That side of our family is very large and we always get together at Christmas.  I look forward to it each year because a lot of these family members I don't get to see much at all.  We had a great time seeing everyone and the food was delicious! (as always).  I snapped a few pictures of the girls in their Christmas dresses. They both have been wearing Christmas outfits constantly so we can get our wear out of them!  I love Christmas outfits so I'm going to be sad to see the holidays end.

Christmas cuties!

Cohen Loves her baby sister!!

First Christmas

Sweet girl

Monday was our last day of school.  We had a Christmas party and everything went very smoothly.  I was so excited to be out so we could enjoy being at home doing fun Christmas things.  Cohen has been so excited about everything this year.  She has helped me wrap presents, and I even let her wrap her gift to Sug "almost" entirely by herself.  She had to have a little help but not much.  She is excellent in helping me pick out the bows and put them on the boxes and also placing everything under the tree.  I always loved wrapping with my mama so I know how much she enjoys it.  We also have FINALLY did some Christmas baking.  I have been looking forward to this and so has Cohen.  I absolutely love Christmas cookies so yesterday we got to make them. Cohen enjoyed using the cookie press and her favorite part was adding the sprinkles (other than eating them of course!) 

Wrapping her present to Sug

Carefully choosing bows for our presents

My little baking helper

SPRINKLES! (I love her face looking at them!)

*LOVE* and see my sweet baby peeking out back there :)

Sunday I made some "melting" snowmen balls for Sug's birthday party.  I thought these turned out pretty cute.  They were peanut butter so we have gobbled them up this week.  We will be making more of these!

Last night we continued our Christmas fun with our neighbors.  We had our Christmas party and did a Polar Express theme for the kids.  They each wore their pajamas and were proud to show them off.  I think they lost interest in the movie pretty quick with everything else going on but had fun which is all that counts.  We are so lucky to have such fun neighbors and we always look forward to our get togethers.  We snapped a quick picture before we ate and the kids scattered :)

I can't believe its only a few days until Christmas.  I know there will be lots to blog about real soon with all the other Christmas get togethers.  We start it all tomorrow. I did want to post one more picture that we took of Kate playing in the lights.  I have got to take some time to do Christmas pictures of her since it is her first Christmas and she is 6 months old!  You would think I would be on top of it but not so much, shame on me!  Thank goodness for snapshots!!  Merry Christmas!

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  1. Looks like y'all have been having lots of fun! Both girls are precious and I love those sweet reindeer hair clips.