Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cohen's Preschool Christmas Play

I'm doing a little catch up on the blog.  We have had a crazy week.  Our house has passed around the stomach bug, luckily it is only a 24 hour bug.  It happened early in the week too so at least we got it over with, or at least I hope for a while!
Wednesday was Cohen's preschool Christmas program.  Her class was dressed like angels and the 4 year old class was the nativity scene.  All the kids did a great job.  Cohen sang so good!  She knew all her songs and sang great.  Since I'm also the teacher I managed to snap a few pictures while helping the kids out.  I was very proud of her.  Cohen loves to sing so this is right up her alley.  We have several Christmas cd's in the car that I'm constantly changing in and out so she can hear and sing her favorite ones.

My sweet angel

As for Kate, she is really into her feet right now.  Every time I lay her down she finds her foot and in goes a toe in her mouth!  If she has socks on, she loves to take those off!  I have to try to keep shoes on as well so her feet will stay warm.  She is so precious and I love watching her lay with both feet up to her mouth.  I took these pictures while changing her the other day. 

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