Monday, December 26, 2011

Best Christmas Present EVER!!!!!

This is what I woke up to on Christmas morning!!!  Hubby really surprised me on this one.  We got up to see Cohen with her Santa stuff (pictures are coming soon), and then we opened our stockings to each other.  I went through fun goodies and there was one wrapped box which I saved for last since it was the only thing wrapped.  It was a small Belk's box with a jewelry box inside.  I thought I was going to open some kind of jewelry but inside was a key!  We let the garage door up and there sat this Explorer!  I was beyond excited.  Ever since we had Kate in June we found out real quick that we were going to need something with more room if we wanted to ever carry more than us four.  We just recently began to seriously talk about cars and the new Explorers were at the top of my list.  A big thank you to our neighbor Richie for not only helping Kelly throughout the buying process but also for delivering my present in the middle of the night :)  Talk about good friends and neighbors!  I know now why Kelly wouldn't go outside with me on Christmas Eve night to sit and look up at the stars.  I think he sent a text saying we were in bed right as I came in the room asking to go outside and enjoy the stars.  Kelly said "of all nights to want to do something like that!"  He mumbled an excuse of having a sore back and I gave up :)  Had no idea what he was up to.  What a sweet Santa I have!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!! What an awesome surprise and a great gift!!! Congrats. I'm sure you will love it. :-) I love that big bow on it too. :-)