Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Preschool Field Trip to Mize Pumpkin Farm

Yesterday my 3 year old class went on a field trip to Mize Pumpkin Farm.  Its a small farm but plenty big enough for ten 3 year olds!  We had a great time and all the kids had fun picking out pumpkins, pulling each other in the wagons and their favorite, the hay ride.  Mr. George is always eager to take the kids on a hay ride around the farm and then gives each one a special "treat" when they come up and tell him their names.  Since we had been reading books at school about pumpkin patches and farms, it was fun to get to go with the kids to pick out real pumpkins.  We will use these pumpkins for our pumpkin hunt and decorate them at school.  I really LOVE this time of year.  There are so many fun things to do.  I especially enjoyed this year because not only do I get to be the teacher, but my own sweet girl is one of my students so I got to be Mama too :)

Cohen & Madison.  They collected lots of pumpkins in their wagon :)

Madison pulls Cohen & Brody

Gathering more pumpkins

Ready for the hayride.  It was hard to get a picture with the sun shining right in their faces

One with Mama, her famous smile and NOT looking at the camera

Cohen and the pumpkin she picked out

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