Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Annual Trip to Sky Top Apple Orchard

Over the weekend we made our annual trip to Sky Top Apple Orchard.  Kelly and I have been going to this orchard for the past 5 years.  We started going the fall that I was pregnant with Cohen.  We love this place so much that it has become a tradition to go each year.  We meet up with our friends from Charlotte and it has been so neat to watch our babies enjoy it more and more each year.  The best part about the orchard is the homemade apple cider donuts!  This year they were making pumpkin donuts too so it was twice as nice!  I also love their apple cider slushies.  When we got there we went ahead and bought some apples and donuts then we were off to explore the orchard.  We let Cohen take a basket and pick apples from the trees and this year we were excited that there were a good many apples on the trees.  Some years depending on the weather there may not be any left except higher up in the trees.  They also have a bamboo forest, animals to see and hayrides.  It does tend to get crowded in the afternoons.  Everyone had a great time.  Afterwards we headed back to Charlotte for a night with our good friends Michael and Amy.  Amy and I have been pregnant together during both our pregnancies.  Her boys are 1 month older than my girls.  It is so fun to get together and have adult time while our kids play well together.

Carrying the babies

picking apples

Ashton and Kate

Family picture

Kate got a kick out of watching Cohen swing

Her own little pumpkin patch inside the barn

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