Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Fun

Over the weekend we got to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather.  Yesterday was so nice so we decided to go to Anderson, SC to Denver Downs farm.  We went to this place last year and Brock has asked me a few times if we could go back to "that fun place" again.  Its only open on weekends and our weekends are so full that we have to go any spare minute we can.  I have weddings to photograph twice this month and then we have Halloween festivities coming up so we picked Brock up a little early from his travel ball practice and took off!  If you've been to Denver Downs you know there is plenty of fun to have. They have a pumpkin patch, corn maze, hayride, tons of games, kid rides, animals, and a barn complete with a rope swing.  Cohen and Brock enjoyed all the fun things to do while Kate happily rode in her stroller.  She fussed to get out once and when I took her out, I think she was amazed at everything going on.  She really looked at the baby pigs!  These piglets were only a week old and I have to say they were pretty cute.  I really love fall and all the fun that comes along with it.  I wish this weather would stay like this for a while.  Everything just seems extra beautiful right now :)
Cohen leading Daddy through the "mini" corn maze

Brock, Cohen, & Kate

Riding the horse swing

Coco checking out the baby pigs

Waiting at the bottom of this big slide for Cohen

Here she comes...started forwards and ended up sideways/backwards.  Her tights helped her speed :)

Trying to get the football through the tire

This sums her up!  Mad because she couldn't get the ball in.  Her famous hands on hips and pouty face


Cohen takes a ride on the cow train

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