Saturday, October 29, 2011

Library Pumpkin Hunt

This past week has been the start of a busy Halloween.  This weekend is packed with more fun every day! I love Halloween!  Cohen started the week with her field trip, then on Tuesday we went to the pumpkin hunt at the library.  Every Tuesday we go to the library for story time.  I started taking Cohen right before she turned 2.  She has always LOVED books and loved being read to so this was a great thing for us to go to.  Last year she had school on Tuesdays so I was so glad to be able to start going back this year since we are not in school on Tuesdays.  Each week the kids hear stories and make a craft.  This week while they were making their craft Mrs. Emma hid candy outside and then everyone went out for a candy hunt.  Everybody had a great time and Cohen got the itch for candy.  I think I'm going to have to use the Halloween candy as a bribe this year to get things done :)
Cohen and her friend Juliette

Group Picture

Cohen & her other BFF Mylie

My little Pumpkin

Kate & Matthew (Matthew is Juliette's little brother)

Checking each other out

This week Kate also got her first taste of cereal.  She was not too thrilled with it either.  We are having some problems with her taking formula.  I don't feed her formula yet but I have had to supplement a few times when we're out.  After going to the Dr. this week we are going to try soy.  She is gaining weight so right now I'm not too worried.  She was 14 pounds 12 oz!  Big girl!!

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