Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kate at 4 months

I am playing catch up on my blogging because we were out of town over the weekend.  I feel like I just posted on Kate being 3 months old but as we all know time moves so fast!  I feel like she was just born.  I can't say enough how sweet Kate is.  God really blessed us with such a sweet, good baby.  I just enjoy her so much!  We went for her 4 month check-up last Thursday and here are some of her stats:
Weight- 13 lbs 6 oz
Length-24 1/4 inches
Head -16 1/4 inches
She is pretty much in the middle of all 3 charts and in the words of Dr. Setia, she is "perfect".
We will be starting her  on cereal pretty soon.

At 4 months Kate:

  • Loves her hands, she has found her fingers and loves to put them in her mouth
  • Holds toys and they quickly go straight to the mouth as well
  • Loves to lay on her play mat
  • Smiles constantly
  • Coos and makes sweet noises
  • Can almost roll over.  She gets stuck on her arm.  I also have a hard time laying her down:)
  • wears 3-6 month clothes
  • varies on how she sleeps, sometimes all night, sometimes she eats once, and some nights lately she has still eaten twice.
  • Loves her big sister!  Cohen can come right up to Kate and immediately a smile is on her face
  • has almost out grown her bassinet which makes Mommy very sad!
  • Kate gets told she looks like a lot of people, some say me, some Kelly, others Cohen and she even has a few say she looks like Brock.  So we sum it up to say she is one cutie patootie!
Here are a few snapshots of her lately.  Her laid back, happy personality is so fun to capture on camera.
Playing on her mat

Loves her bumbo chair!

I had to post one of my favorite--chunky little thighs!

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