Monday, July 18, 2016

West Coast Bloggin': San Diego Day 1

Saturday was the start of this year's vacation with my family.  Instead of a beach trip, this year we opted to go somewhere different...San Diego!  Kate's love of animals gave us a little inspiration because of the zoo of course, but after some research we decided there was definitely a lot to do here in a week's time and so that was that!  Saturday morning we were up early and heading to the airport. This would be Bryce's first time on an airplane and we were a little anxious flying with him.  He is NEVER still and loves to be down moving.  Since this is not what you want on an airplane you can imagine how we felt.  He absolutely LOVES airplanes and all vehicles really so we knew his little brain would be in overdrive once we got to the airport.  He loved riding the shuttle bus to the airport, he loved watching the planes at the airport.  I don't think he comprehended that he was on an airplane but he did great!  He never once wanted to go up and down the aisle which was a blessing.  Thanks so technology he was content to watch movies.  He did take a nap right after we took off.  Believe me, I didn't want to move a muscle once he was asleep, afraid he would wake up and be everywhere.  I didn't like the fact that we couldn't get seats together but Kate was in the aisle beside me and between a mother and her daughter who had told me they would be more than happy to make sure she was happy.  I think she kept her headphones on the entire time watching a movie and napping.  It was really a great flight for all of us.  A relief for sure!

On the shuttle bus!

After we arrived and checked in to our hotel we decided to head out to Coronado Island.  There were some beautiful views of the city as we drove over.

We had to visit the beach!  We may not be on our typical beach vacation but we could still enjoy the beach.  The girls were dying to know if the Pacific was different from the Atlantic.  They found out quick that it was a little bit cooler but that it was a little more clear.  Kate was fascinated at the kelp that would wash up and even collected a little pile for herself.  Bryce was asleep when we first got there but he did wake up and come to life.  He preferred to be in the water instead of playing at the edge.  I think the tide coming in and out made him a little unstable.  He had sand from his head to his feet!

Bryce made sure he pointed out every airplane he saw!

sand everywhere!
We decided to go to the other side of the island for dinner.  It was beautiful to see the San Diego skyline and we had some yummy pizza!  I had some great help with dinner suggestions from friends! The weather here is perfect and not near as hot as those Georgia temps we've been having.  In fact it gets cool at night!  We sure haven't been used to that!

When we headed back to the hotel that evening I took a picture looking off of the other side of the bridge.  You can tell this is a city full of ships!
With the time change, we were all pretty tired and ready for some sleep!  I would say we had a great start to our trip and we can't wait to see what else we have in store for the week.

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