Sunday, July 24, 2016

Our Last Days in San Diego!

Friday was our last day in San Diego.  This has been such a fun trip and we have definitely made memories.   We chose to spend Friday in La Jolla visiting La Jolla Cove which is known for the sea lions and seals that come to lay on the rocks.  And boy were they there!  I had told the girls we would hopefully see seals and they were excited.  You knew right away they were there by the smell!  I don't know what to compare it to but being from Franklin County you can bear it because it can almost remind you of a chicken house with a fishy hint too.  It was amazing to see them up close like that though and we took a ton of pictures so picture overload below.  You could definitely reach out and touch one other than the fact they might bite!  If you stood up from the rock you were sitting on beside a sea lion they would look right at you and bark.  Definitely a sight we won't ever forget! When we first got there the cloudy haze was pretty thick, you really couldn't see out into the ocean but by the time we left it had cleared up and you had a great view of the blue water.

First things sea gulls

I loved watching the big waves crash and splash up on the rocks

We saw a baby seal which was so extremely cute!  I got a lot of pictures of it and the girls wanted me to send their picture with it to our family.

These sea lions would roll in with the waves and just bark and bark.  It was so neat to watch them play!

We kept Bryce entertained with suckers.  It was nerve wrecking here with him because of all the rocks he could fall on and he had no fear of the sea lions. He would be the one to try to sit on one.  With the sucker he would sit still and even pose for pictures.  And by pictures I don't just mean with us...LOL!  At one point I turned around to see him getting his picture made with another lady.  She thought he was so cute and wanted a picture with him.  Bryce was more than happy to.  I had to snap one myself.  It was so funny!

This shows just how close we sat beside these 2 and at times were closer than this

There was a cove here too that you could swim in and be right with the seals.  A group was actually on a field trip doing this so people were everywhere as you can see.  This first picture, Cohen and Kate are climbing out of the cave at the top of the picture.  The others are them in the water.  They were a little hesitant on getting out too far with them! I had to keep Bryce at the top.  No fear + no floatie=no way!

These last pictures show just how much it cleared up when we were leaving.

 We ate lunch in the town of La Jolla and then drove around.  Let me me tell you, driving around looking for a parking space can sum up San Diego!  You will drive an hour in search of a parking spot.  With this being day 7 we were totally over the parking space hunt and were quite frustrated so we headed back to let the kids swim for a while.  Honestly they enjoyed this just as much anyway.  Note...if you ever go to San Diego be prepared to drive around in search of a parking space everywhere you go! At the pool Kate and Cohen found a snail and it was just so exciting for them.  I mean those large animals we saw are great but the little ones we find everyday are too!

Friday night we headed to Point Loma for dinner.  Mama was wanting to eat at Hodad's because she had heard they had the best onion rings in California.  This was definitely a surf/skateboard area in my opinion.  It was very cool and neat.  When we saw the line outside of Hodad's we knew it must be good.  We split up to get tables quicker but it was definitely a great place to eat.  They have the best hamburgers and while I don't eat onion rings myself,  Mama and Kelly both agreed that they lived up to their expectation.   I will say the fries were great!

 After we head we headed up toward the Point Loma lighthouse.  There were some spectacular views of the city.  We also saw a beautiful sunset.  Fort Rosecrans military cemetery was where we stopped to see the views.  This cemetery was really a sight to see and very humbling to see as well.  I had not seen a big military cemetery like this before.  There are 101,079 graves.  One side overlooked the ocean which was beautiful and the other side overlooked the San Diego skyline and bay.  Pictures really couldn't capture how pretty it was.

We were up early on Saturday morning headed to the airport to head home.  Bryce was again in airplane heaven like he had been all week.  As we were at our gate waiting we saw our plane come in and park.  Well he was beside himself watching it come in closer and closer.  When it got parked he would wave and both pilots could see him and waved to him several times.  We had a pretty good flight back.  Bryce didn't nap very long at all so we just had to move him back and forth between us.  Luckily there was an empty seat on Kelly's middle row so we could use it for Bryce.  Thank goodness for in flight movies and wi-fi!

He was out when we got in the car!  He was glad to see his truck book but just couldn't hold his eyes open too long.

What a great week we had and made so many fun memories!  We can't thank Bebe enough for taking our family.  There is nothing I love more than making memories to cherish with my family and we did just that!

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